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Cat training with a tuxedo cat

We find real solutions for your cat's behaviors

House soiling / litter box behaviors
Fear, anxiety & stress related behaviors
Inter-cat conflict
New cat introductions
Furniture scratching
Excess energy
Carrier training
Routine care
& MUCH more!

Tabby Cat Laying down

At Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling, we are proud to be one of very few cat behavior specialists in Connecticut. We offer families a wide array of professional cat behavior support services including one on one cat behavior consultations, enrichment planning and of course, training!
We are proud to offer in home and virtual consultation options so that you and your cat can enjoy the "Frisky Feline Experience" from the comfort of your home.

Behavior Consultations
 Solutions & Support
(In Home or Virtual) 


Dealing with complex cat behavior problems such as house soiling, spraying, inter-cat conflict, aggression or destructive behaviors? Our behavior consultation package offer families an in depth look at their cat's behavior and an individualized behavior plan to help get things on the right path! Enjoy continued one on one guidance and multiple sessions with this awesome support package.

Cat Training
(In Home or Virtual)


Cat's can be trained? You bet! We offer one on one training to help your cat on the right path to learn something new! This option is best for families looking to work with clicker training to help your cat with things such as carrier training, harness training, brushing, nail trims, cooperative care, tricks and more!

Shelter, Foster Or Veterinary Team Support
(In Person or Virtual)

Are you part of a rescue organization or vet team looking to connect with us or enhance your knowledge of cat behavior? You can request a meet and greet with your team today!

Cat Chat Session 
(Virtual Only)

Looking for guidance but not ready to dive into our full behavior package? Our cat chat sessions are for you! Enjoy a SINGLE comprehensive appointment that starts with a brief behavior assessment and

1-2 tips to get you started with managing your cat's behaviors.

Please Note:

These sessions are not intended to "find solutions" for your cat's behaviors. 

Enrichment Planning
(In Home or Virtual)

Have a bored kitty who always seems to find themselves where they shouldn't be? Are they getting into everything ? 

Our enrichment plans help your cat get more exercise and more mental stimulation. This means a more restful nights sleep for you and a happier feline!

Gift Certificates
Available Now

Have a friend or family member that you know would love our help? Purchase a gift certificate as an unforgettable, life long gift to them and their feline. Available in any dollar amount or a full paid service.

Wondering if our services are right for your situation?

Have questions about how our services work or what to expect? 

We want to chat with you! 

Schedule your FREE 10 minute introductory call with us today!




Why Choose Us?

Cat head

Cat Preferred & Vet Recommended

As Cat Friendly Professionals and members of the Pet Professional Guild, we take pride in only using  behavior modification and training methods that will support your cat's health, happiness and welfare. Because of this, we are highly recommended by many veterinary professionals!

Hand with money sign

Affordable Support Options

We are proud to be one of the most affordable cat behavior professionals in CT and across the nation. With our unique package plans and referral discounts - we help families to get the support they need at a price they can afford.

Check out our pricing here!

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No Travel, No Carriers 

We understand that many cats prefer not to travel so we decided to make things easy by offering in home and virtual appointments. You can look forward to enjoying all the benefits of our services without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. 


The "Frisky Feline" Experience

At Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling, we combine education, experience and passion to offer a truly unique experience for every family we work with.

With our personalized sessions you will gain valuable insights and learn the best methods to achieve your goals. You can count on us to support you every step of the way.

What Our Clients are Saying...

"Her knowledge and guidance is what helped us through what seemed like an impossible situation...We are thrilled with the results!" ~ Debbie, Ember & Mazie
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