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The Frisky Feline's Guide to Combating the Summer Sweat

Updated: 6 days ago

As the first heat wave approaches New England, are you prepared to beat the heat? If you're feeling hot, chances are your cat might be warming up too. Here are a few tips to keep your cat cool this Summer:

  1. Provide multiple bowls of water, dumping and refreshing them with cool water daily. Did you know cats prefer their food/water to be separate? Having water in multiple locations and levels of your home can make a tremendous difference in their water intake.

  2. Increase hydration by trying a variety of wet foods, pet specific/ safe broths or lickable treats unless advised otherwise by your vet.

  3. Ensure your cat has cool spaces in your home to lay. Consider drawing the curtains to reduce sun into your home.

  4. Leave your air conditioning on OR put in eco mode to combat rising temperatures within your home. Fans are also helpful for airflow but on extremely hot days may not bring the air temperature or humidity levels down enough.

  5. If leaving windows open, be sure to check your SCREENS! Many cats escape through screens every year.

  6. If your cat enjoys being brushed, brush them regularly to help reduce extra shedding fur.

  7. Offer some COOL enrichment! Consider catnip tea, offer some water toys in a shallow dish/kiddie pool, grab a pet water fountain or let them crunch on some cool fresh grown cat grass.

  8. If you have hairless cats, be sure to keep them out of the sun or covered in a light article to limit the chance of sunburn.

  9. DONT have your cat outside! Asphalt can get up to 40-60 degrees hotter than the outside air temp! Also, there are not often safe spaces for your cat to cool off and have water access outside.

  10. If you choose to use your catio or walk your cat outside do so during the cooler part of the day and be sure to monitor your cats for signs of heat exhaustion. Also have a collapsible water dish and water handy.

  11. If you travel with your cat/go on adventures, DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR alone. It takes only minutes for temps to rise to deadly degrees.

  12. If your home or cat is still too warm to beat the heat, consider pet safe/non toxic cooling mats for their environment.

Stay safe this summer friends. Share with a cat lover you know!

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