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Cat Behavior Consultations

two cats fighting
a cat leaving the litter box
a cat biting a hand






Our comprehensive behavior consultations provide families with a deeper understanding of their cat's behavior and insights on tools and techniques to help get things on the right path.
We specialize in guiding families with a wide range of behaviors including:


  • Litter box related behaviors and urine marking

  • Inter-cat conflict / bullying &  new cat introductions

  • Cat / dog conflict

  • Overnight hyperactivity & destructive behaviors 

  • Preparation for baby, move or major life change

  • Fear, anxiety and stress related behaviors 

  • Aggression & More!
    * Cases of severe aggression or behaviors that we deem beyond our abilities may be referred to a qualified veterinary behaviorist who can best suit the needs of these specific cases.


Single Behavior Consultation

 $100/virtual session OR
$150/in home session

A single comprehensive consultation with written behavior plan to get you and your feline companion started on the right path to better behavior.

*Not ideal for complex or long term behaviors

Behavior Consultation Package

 $225 Virtual package OR
$275 In home package

 A comprehensive behavior consultation, written behavior plan, handouts and

3 additional ZOOM support sessions focused on reaching your goals for your cat's behavior. Enjoy continued guidance on your cat's progress and continued support for challenges that come up along the way.

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