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Behavior Consultation Package






Cost $230 (w/tax included)  

Our Behavior Consultation Package is our most popular behavior support option and the purr-fect choice for families struggling to find the solution for their cat's behaviors. Together, we will uncover the root cause of your cat's behavior and create a plan that will help you get your cat on the right path.

We recommend this package for:

- House soiling / out of box eliminations

- Spraying 
- Inter-cat conflict & "bully" behaviors

- New cat introductions & re-introductions

- Aggression
- Fear, anxiety & stress related behaviors 
& other complex cat behaviors


This package includes:

  • Four appointments with your behavior consultant

    •  ​ (1) 1 1/2 hour Initial behavior consultation ( via ZOOM OR IN HOME if you are in our service area)         
      During the initial session we assess the behavior and discuss the best methods to work with the behavior

    •   (2) 30 minute ZOOM Support Session 
      During these support sessions, we look at progress, discuss challenges & re-assess our goals

    •   (1) 15 minute Final ZOOM Session
      During our fin
      al zoom session, we look over your journey and determine if further "add- on" sessions are needed.

  •  Personalized behavior plan with accompanying links to resources

  •  Client exclusive handouts

  •  One on one support via email for 3 months from initial consultation

    How it works: 

  1. Schedule your initial consultation below. Once you select the town you reside in, our booking system will determine if "in home" or "virtual" services are available to you and provide you with the appropriate calendar to book your first session.

  2. Complete your cat's admission form (this will be sent to you via email immediately after booking) 

  3. We'll meet you via ZOOM or in home for your initial behavior consultation where we will assess your cat's behavior and work with you to create your cat's behavior plan. At the end of your consultation, we will take payment and schedule your next session. 

*IMPORTANT: Behaviors such as house soiling, inter-cat conflict and aggression may be a result of underlying medical issues. Even if your cat seems healthy, they could be exhibiting these behaviors due to underlying pain or illness. In situations in which we deem a cat should be evaluated by a qualified veterinary professional, we may request you to see your veterinarian prior to a consultation or refer you to a qualified veterinary behaviorist for the best outcome for you and your cat. *

two cats fighting
a cat leaving the litter box
a cat biting a hand
a cat scratching the couch

Furniture Scratching

cat biting hand

Petting Aggression

cat in litter box

House Soiling

cat fighting another cat

Inter-cat Aggression

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