Behavior Consultations






Cost $190 (tax included)

*Additional fee applies for in home appointments outside of our service area*

What the cost covers: Your behavior consultation appointment, Written Behavior Plan, Follow Up Appointment Call and continued support for 4- 6 weeks from initial consult.
Duration: 2 HRS
Location: In home / virtual (virtual consultations are not suitable for all cases thus are taken on case by case basis)

Details: Our behavior consultations focus on creating a step by step plan to help find a resolution to your cat's behavior that suits both you and your cat's needs. Together, we will take a deeper look into your cat's behavior to unveil what your cat is saying and help you to understand your cat like never before!


Common concerns we can help: house soiling - spraying - inter-cat aggression - introductions - furniture scratching - destructive behaviors - petting aggression - ankle chasing - litter box avoidance - shy/ fearful behaviors - relationship building - stress reduction (need something else? - just ask!)

What to expect from your behavior consultation:

  • Thorough review of your cat's history

  • Photo/video review (if any) 

  • Overview of your goals 

  • Evaluation of your cat's behavior

  • In depth discussion of your cat's behavior / reasons behind it

  • Recommendations for resolving the behavior

  • Introduction and review of helpful tools for the process ( if any )

  • Helpful handouts only available to Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling Clients

    Then, after our session you will receive:

  • A detailed behavior plan including the steps recommended during our session & links to additional resources

  • A follow-up call within 4-6 weeks to check on your progress (FREE!)

  • Continued guidance & support for 90 days post consultation. Most behaviors see progress with one session but additional sessions may be needed.




*IMPORTANT: Some behaviors including house soiling and aggression may be a result of underlying medical issues! Please make sure you have recently seen your vet to rule out possible medical concerns prior to scheduling your appointment! **

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cat scratching couch.png

Furniture Scratching

cat biting hand

Petting Aggression

cat in litter box

House Soiling

cat vs cat

Inter-cat Aggression

 It has been beyond helpful to partner with Amanda to really address the issues that were overwhelming us, and we are so thankful for her services.

Sarah W

The amount of information and detail provided is beyond what I could have expected. I am thrilled to say that this works! I highly recommend for anyones furbaby who needs a little bit of behavior redirection.

Rowan B

If you are dealing with a cat’s behavioral issues, or looking for ways to enrich your kitty’s life, I would not hesitate to reach out to Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling.

Janet B

 She has been very patient throughout the process and flexible in scheduling calls/zooms with me from across the country! Couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who needs assistance with their cat!

Ally H