Cat and Working

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cat behavior consultation?

A cat behavior consultation is aimed to evaluate the reasons for your cats behavior while we also help you to understand the reasons they engage in it.

Once we determine what the most probable cause of the behavior may be, our goal is to guide you with the best approaches to resolving the behavior.  

This in depth session really is beneficial for both family and feline!

How do you "fix" my cat's problems?

Often, people wonder how we correct behavior problems with their cats. The process of altering behaviors is called behavior modification. Behavior modification requires us to look into your cats behavior, understand why it is happening and then decide the best method to work with the behavior.

Starting with a detailed background we begin to dive deeper into your cat's mind to understand their behavior. Once we have identified your cat's behaviors and the reasons for them, we begin to build upon a custom behavior plan tailored to meet you and your cat's needs. We look forward to watching your cat succeed, and want you to know that we are here every step of the way.

How soon can I expect results?

Each case is unique, but one thing that remains consistent is that the more effort put into your cat's behavior support plan - the better your results often are. Because of this, the sooner you begin working on your plan outline - the sooner you can begin seeing progress.  Some clients have reported progress in as little as 1-2 weeks but it is important to understand that results vary.

For cases who do not see progress with their behavior plan, a referral may be made to a veterinary behavior specialist. 

Why does my cat have behavior problems?

Cats may display behavior issues for many reasons, some of which may not be so evident. Some reasons for behavior issues include environmental influences, insufficient resources, fear and past experiences. We do our best to determine the cause of your cat's behaviors by taking a very thorough background of your cat prior to our session. One of the most common reasons for behavior issues is medical illness or underlying pain. These may be in the form of diabetes, UTI, Urinary Blockage as well as a number of other diseases & conditions.

*If your cat is behaving in such way because of a medical issue it is important to know that your cat will require medical care from a licensed DVM to treat the issue. Our behavior counseling will NOT replace regular routine medical care from your vet, and will not treat any behaviors as a result of underlying medical issue or illness.

Why do you charge per session?

We are proud to offer one of the most affordable cat behavior support options available to pet parents. 

Our "per session" rates cover many things including taking in your cat's history, your appointment, a written behavior plan, a follow up call and continued support. We believe in offering an all inclusive experience so that you always have the best care for you and your cat at a rate you can afford.

If you would like additional sessions, we always will discuss rates before booking based on what you are looking to achieve.

Can you guarantee results?

There are many factors that play a role in the success of animal behavior modification and training. Because of this, the outcome of our services often depends on each animal's unique situation. With this, we cannot guarantee results from our services but do promise to provide you and  your cat the most supportive and professional advice.

Do I need to do anything

Yes! After our session, you and/or family need to continually work within the outlines of "The Plan" in order for the process to be successful. This may mean taking part in things such as additional play, monitored interactions, and training but don't worry...we strive to make the process as easy as possible.

Our plan may need modifications along the way, so we encourage you to reach out as needed with concerns. You will be guided on what steps to take, and we are happy to answer any questions that you have. As an added bonus, many owners say the experience brings them closer to their cats!

Do I need to take my cat to you?

We understand that most cat's would prefer to not travel from the comfort of their home, so we made the decision to be a 100% mobile company. All consultations are done in person or virtually so when it is our scheduled appointment time, all you need to do is be there!

What method of training do you use?

We believe in using the least intrusive minimally aversive (LIMA) techniques in every thing we do. What this means is that we wont use / support the use of any techniques that may negatively impact your cat's wellbeing and happiness. 

We are Cat Friendly certified and will always keep your cat's comfort level our main focus.