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cat hissing

$125 / virtual session OR $175/in home session
(Includes 1 appointment, behavior plan, 30 days of email support & more)

Not ready to commit? We understand! Our single behavior consultation provides families a brief behavior assessment and 1-2 tips to get started with managing their cat's behaviors.  A great way to get started on the right path for you and your feline companion.

Please Note: These appointments are not suited for complex behaviors or long term support. If you are looking for solutions, support & more, please check out our Behavior Consultation Package.

two cats fighting

$250 virtual package OR $300 in home package  
(Includes 4 appointments, behavior plan, 3 months of email support & more)

This package is our MOST popular and is a great choice for families looking for continued support with finding solutions for their cat's behaviors. Through our series of appointments, we will assess your cat's behavior, build a comprehensive behavior plan and provide you with one on one support every step of the way. 

*The "purr-fect" fit for: litter box behaviors, inter-cat aggression, human aggression, fear/ stress related behaviors, spraying, destructive behaviors, introductions, new adoptions and other complex or long term cat behaviors. 

a cat using a laptop

Free Introductory Call

FREE - 10 minute telephone call 

Want to talk with a professional about your cat's behavior?
Wondering if our services are right for your situation?

Have questions about how our services work or what to expect?  

Schedule your FREE 10 minute introductory call with us today!


tuxedo cat training giving paw

$125 / virtual session OR $175/in home session
(Includes 1 appointment, training plan, 30 days of email support & more)

This service is a great option for families looking to jump into the world of clicker training  with their feline companions. Through our time together you will learn how teaching your cat these skills can help with your every day routine and be something fun to show your friends!

The "purr-fect" fit for: carrier training, brushing, nail trims, cooperative care and more. Looking for tricks? Let's get your cat ready to learn something new like how to sit, spin or give paw!

a cat doing a food puzzle

$125/ virtual session OR $175/in home session
(Includes 1 appointment, training plan, 30 days of email support & more)

This service is a great option for families looking for help fulfilling their cats needs for play and mental stimulation. Together we will dive into all your cats senses and check out the world of enrichment from your cat's perspective!

*The "purr-fect" fit for: excess energy, late night waking behaviors, cats who seem bored and those who could just use a little more excitement in their environment and daily routine.

cat birthday party

Cat Purr-thday Party 

$150 - (Includes a PAWSOME 60 minute in home appointment)
*Must be within OUR SERVICE AREA

Whether it’s your cat’s birthday, anniversary of their “gotcha day” or simply just a day that you want to show them some extra love -  we want to help you both celebrate! Our in-home “Cat Purr-thday Party” is about making memories and of course, your cat having a great day!

AND... Your cat get's a special gift too!

black cat on a certificate


Have a friend, colleague or family member that you feel would benefit from our services? Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount so you can choose how much you spend! 

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