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 Amanda Caron

 Cat Behavior Consultant & Cat Trainer

 IAABC Shelter Behavior Affiliate
 Fear Free Certified Trainer


Before becoming a professional cat behavior consultant, Amanda worked in the animal care industry for over a decade. Through her growth within the industry, Amanda gained valuable experiences which led to pursuing her love for cats and her interest in cat behavior and training. Once she began to embark on this journey, she took every opportunity to strengthen her skills and grow her knowledge. In 2020, Amanda began Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling with a mission to help bring pet parents and their cat's closer by helping them through the challenges they were faced with using force-free, science based behavior modification and training techniques. 

Today Amanda is recognized as an IAABC Shelter Behavior Affiliate, Fear Free Certified Professional Trainer, Feline Inappropriate Elimination Master Course Certificant, Certified Surrender Prevention Specialist and 1 of only 63 Cat Friendly Professionals ® in Connecticut. She is also a supporting member of organizations such as the Pet Professional Guild and The American Association of Feline Practitioners. She has continued to grow her skills and knowledge through educational webinars, conferences and books in addition to the successful completion of a comprehensive cat behavior mentorship program through the IAABC. Amanda has proudly completed more than a dozen programs in feline behavior and behavior modification with organizations such as:

- The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

- The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ( IAABC)

- The ASPCA 

- International Cat Care 

- The Humane Society of the U.S. 

- Hippocampus Online

- Fear Free
- Community Cats Podcast

Her work has contributed to articles featured in The International Association of Behavior Consultants Journal, Connecticut Dog Magazine, Animal Wellness Magazine and Rover. Outside of behavior consulting, Amanda collaborates with local animal rescues across Connecticut to help provide guidance for challenging cases, coaching for volunteers and fosters and support for adopters looking to return their cat to shelter due to behavioral reasons. With these partnerships Amanda has helped dozens of under socialized cats to get adopted and has played an integral role in helping reduce surrenders to shelters in her community.

Over the years Amanda's work has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of cats and their families. If you are ready to get back to enjoying life with your cat, she is dedicated to making that happen - one paw at a time!


"In loving memory of my sweet girls, the legends who were my guiding light into this journey. You will forever fill my heart with love and precious memories." - Amanda

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