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 Amanda Caron~

 Professional Cat Behavior Consultant

 IAABC Shelter Behavior Affiliate

Amanda's career in the animal care industry began in 2014, where she began helping pets and their owners build a solid foundation for their continued growth and wellness. In 2020, Frisky Feline Behavior Counseling was started with the mission to help families gain a better understanding of their cat's behavior by helping them see the world through their cat's eyes.  

Amanda is recognized as an IAABC Shelter Behavior Affiliate and Feline Inappropriate Elimination Master Course Certificant. Additionally, she is a proud Pet Professional Guild Feline Training Professional, a supporting member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and 1 of only 63 Cat Friendly Professionals in Connecticut.

Since the start of her career, Amanda has completed more than a dozen courses in feline behavior with organizations such as:

- The Humane Society of the U.S. 

- The American Association of Feline Practitioners 

- The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 

- The ASPCA 

- International Cat Care 

Through these continuing education programs, Amanda has been able to concentrate on areas of focus including cat behavior modification. introductions, and aggression. 
In addition to coursework,  Amanda has dedicated hundreds of hours to professional webinars, conferences and in depth self studies to further expand her wealth of knowledge in cat behavior. She strongly believes knowledge is a gift, so she continues to find new opportunities to learn so that she may offer the best support to the cats and families she sees. 

In 2021, Amanda wrote her first article on feline enrichment and behavior modification which was published in the International Association of Behavior Consultants Journal. Since then, she has continued writing on a variety of topics that cover cat behavior and health that have been featured in publications such as Connecticut Dog Magazine. Her hope is that through these educational contributions she is able to provide additional support to cat parents both locally and across the nation.

Outside of her profession, Amanda takes great pride in her role as a Board Member and Enrichment & Behavior Coordinator at a central Connecticut cat shelter. In this role, her focus is to support her organization and work with socializing and training shelter cats who require more one on one support prior to their adoption. 

At the end of the day, you'll likely find Amanda reading or enjoying a cat nap in the company of her two senior cats, Hungree and Tuna. Her passion and limitless love for felines is so transparent and her ability to connect with the cats and families she works with is nothing short of remarkable. If you are ready to get back to enjoying life with your cat, Amanda is ready to get you there - one paw at a time! 

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