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The Frisky Feline's Guide to Felines & Fireworks

Fireworks season is here and it's important to remember the impact it has on our feline friends.  Check out our tips to help your cat through the season: -Know when major public displays are happening near you and plan your set up accordingly.

-It is best to keep on noise-muffling devices like a radio, TV, fan, or an air conditioner. A combination of these works well.

- Set up activities for you cat to engage in like cat tv on a tablet, or an automatic toy.

-Close the curtains/blinds and limit visuals to outside until displays are over.

-Create secure areas where your cat can feel at ease and safe when they feel the need to retreat. This could be in the form of hooded beds, tunnels, or even just a basic cardboard box.

-When your cat is showing signs of discomfort, avoid trying to keep them close by holding or lifting them, as this may lead to increased stress. Allow them to seek shelter instead.

-If your cats wear a collar, make sure their ID has up to date information to contact you incase they slip the door. Now is also a great time to check their microchip information

- Keep windows/doors shut during expected times of events. If your cat is known to slip out of doors, you may want to set them up in a safe base camp room during this time that you are entertaining or that a public display is happening so that the there is no chance they can get spooked enough to run outside.

-Do not let your cat outside or walk them during times of these events as they may be more likely to go into hiding in a foreign spot or slip their harness if they become scared.

-After the fireworks are over, do not pull your cat out from hiding, let them come out when they are ready.

-If your cat is extremely stressed, consult your vet regarding the potential benefits of supplements or medication. If your cat struggles with taking pills, inquire about alternative forms of medication that could be an option. It's advisable to discuss these matters with your vet promptly, rather than waiting until the last minute.

As always, we hope all will enjoy the season with friends. Stay safe and PLEASE keep your feline friends in mind!

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