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Holding Ginger Cat

Mini Session

Mini Session Package

$105 (tax included) 

Our mini session package will provide you with the basics for learning about your cat’s behavior, defining your goals and professional advice to begin the process. This is a perfect fit for those looking for general behavior tips, playtime guidance, tips for cats with excess energy, help with resolving furniture scratching or counter surfing and other common cat behavior concerns. These sessions are ONLY available via ZOOM!

This service package includes 2 appointments with your behavior consultant / trainer:

  •   (1) 1HR Initial ZOOM session 
             During the initial session we will talk about the goals you are looking to achieve and ideas to help achieve them. 

  •  (1) 15 minute Follow Up Telephone Call ( to be scheduled 4- 6 weeks later)
             During our follow up call, we look at your progress and determine if further support is needed


  Plus - for NO ADDITIONAL COST you'll receive:

  • Continued support via email for 1 month from initial consultation. 

  •  Write up of session / links to resources 

  •  Client ONLY exclusive handouts

Please know, these sessions are for basic tips and are not structured for those seeking ongoing support or resolution of behaviors. PLEASE DO NOT request this appointment if your cat is displaying COMPLEX behaviors including but not limited to out of box eliminations, aggression, inter-cat conflict or if you are beginning a new cat introduction. In our experience, these situations should have continued support and guidance - thus, require a Behavior Consultation.

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