Holding Ginger Cat

Help Meowt
Mini Session

Cost $90 (tax included)

*Additional fee applies for in home appointments outside of our service area*

What the cost covers: Your mini appointment, Written Mini Plan, Follow Up Appointment Call and continued support for 4- 6 weeks from initial consult.
Duration: 1 Hour

Location: In home / virtual (Virtual sessions accepted on a case by case basis)

Details: Our Help Meowt Mini Sessions are an easy and affordable way to get you and your cat on the right path to reaching your goals. Cat owners love this simple, yet effective option for learning about their cat's behavior and to get tips on how to address it. This option will provide you with the basics for learning about your cat’s behavior, defining your goals and personalized professional advice to begin the process.

Our Help Meowt session includes:

  • Brief review of your cats history

  • Learning about your cat's behavior

  • Defining your goals

  • Tips to get you started

Included in your Help Meowt Mini Session package:

  • Summary email with notes about the session

  • Follow-up call within 4-6 weeks

**Please note these sessions are not suitable for all cases. Cases of aggression, house soiling, anxiety/fear and other complex behavior situations must be approached with attention to small detail, thus a FULL BEHAVIOR CONSULTATION is needed.