Enrichment Planning

Cost $135 (tax included)

*Additional fee applies for in home appointments outside of our service area*

What the cost covers: Your enrichment planning appointment, Written Enrichment Plan, Follow Up Appointment Call and continued support for 4- 6 weeks from initial appointment.
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: In home / virtual ( Virtual sessions accepted on a case by case basis)

Details: Do you have a cat that always seem to have TOO much energy? Do you find yourself buying cat toys that never seem to be played with? Do you lose sleep from 3 AM zoomies? You are in the right place, because our research backed enrichment sessions will help to get your cat the exercise they need. During our session we will discuss your goals for your cat and teach you how to achieve them as we dip into the exploring your cats inner wild instincts. We will discuss things such as territory, mental and physical stimulation, enrichment ideas and more!

Our Enrichment Plan Session includes:

  • Brief review of your cats history

  • Discussing your goals for your cat

  • Meet & greet

  • Interactive play & learn session with your cat

  • Enrichment advice & personalized tips

Included in your Enrichment Plan Package:

  • Personal email including a detailed Enrichment Plan & additional links to resources

  • Follow-up call within 4-6 weeks

  • Continued email guidance & support for 90 days post consultation