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Cat Enrichment & Fun

COST: $125 Virtual OR $175 IN HOME ( "in home" services available within our service area)

Our enrichment building sessions will take you through the world of cat enrichment, exploring many things including: climbing, hiding, hunting, scratching, playing, and food foraging opportunities for you cat. Together we will learn about some of the necessary items you can provide for your cat - including some great DIY ideas as well. This is sure to be one of the most beneficial and rewarding things you and you cat have ever done together! 

We recommend this service for :

- cats with mounds of energy who love to explore and would benefit from more mental stimulation 

- cats who get bored easily, don't play often or seem uninterested in cat toys

- families who want to learn new ways of on one play & new ways to keep your cat entertained

 This appointment includes:

  •  (1) 90 minute Initial enrichment session (via ZOOM OR IN HOME if you are in our service area) we outline enrichment, your goals & the steps needed to achieve them

  •  Continued support via email for 30 days

  •  Personalized enrichment plan with accompanying links to resources

  •  Client ONLY exclusive handouts

How it works: 

  1. Schedule your enrichment consultation below. Once you select the town you reside in, our booking system will determine if "in home" or "virtual" services are available to you and provide you with the appropriate calendar to book your first session.

  2. Complete your cat's admission form (this will be sent to you via email) 

  3. We'll meet you via ZOOM or in home for your initial enrichment consultation where we will assess your cat's behavior and work with you to create your cat's enrichment plan. Payment is due at the end of your session. 


Want to continue your enrichment journey with us? Additional appointments available for an additional fee

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